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Perspective (2CD)

Shawn Phillips broke through on A&M in the early ’70s with the albums “Contribution,” “Second Contribution” and “Rumplestilskins Resolve”.

With four other Shawn Phillips albums currently available on the Talking Elephant label it seems only fitting to be releasing his most recent work. Perspectives is his 25th release to date.

“I don’t like listening to albums where every track sounds the same,” Phillips said. “This album is called ‘Perspective’ because it’s the way I’m looking at the world today. These are pieces of music I wanted to get out there”.

Shawn Phillips is often classed as a musicians musician and often is supported by the best of the best in the music industry.

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1. Brilliance
2. Devil’s Highway
3. Infancy
4. Funkin’ Country Rock And Roll Stew
5. Beyond The Rain
6. Watch Over Mary Anne
7. Circles
8. Light Of Life
9. Hadeda
10. America


1. Radio
2. Silouettes
3. Take The Day
4. Acent
5. Storm
6. Going Home
7. Choices
8. Slowly
9. Everything She Gives Me
10. Starlight