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Rough Diamonds

Jack the Lad were a British folk rock group from North East England formed in 1973 by three former members of the most successful band of the period from the region, Lindisfarne. They moved from the progressive folk rock of Lindisfarne into much more traditional territory and were in the mid-1970s something of a northern counterpart to bands like Fairport Convention. They have also been seen as part of an important roots movement, rediscovering traditional Northumbrian music.

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1. Rocking Chair
2. Smokers Coughin’
3. Captain Grant
4. My Friend The Drink
5. Letter From France
6. Gentleman Soldier
7. Gardener Of Eden
8. One For Boy
9. Beachcomber
10. Ballad Of Winston O’ Flaherty
11. Jackie Lusive