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Slow Flux

Slow Flux is the seventh studio album by Steppenwolf, released in 1974. It was the first of three albums the band created after reforming in 1974 before they disbanded again in 1976.

“Straight Shootin’ Woman” taken from the album was the last Steppenwolf song to chart on the Billboard magazine Top 40.

Steppenwolf sold over 25 million records worldwide, released eight gold albums and 12 Billboard Hot 100 singles, of which six were top 40 hits, including three top 10 successes: “Born to Be Wild”, “Magic Carpet Ride”, and “Rock Me.”

The band enjoyed worldwide success and with Born to Be wild used as the main these from the film Easy Rider this catapulted them into stardom.

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1. Get Into The Wind
2. Gang War Blues
3. Justice Don’t Be Slow
4. Children Of The Night
5. Jeraboah
6. Straight Shootin’ Woman
7. Smokey Factory Blues
8. Morning Blue
9. A Fool’s Fantasy
10. Fishin’ In The Dark