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Nine tracks on the album have been created from lyrics found in the notebooks of Sandy Denny. Some of them are part, some full songs, but the commonality is that none of the lyrics had previously been put to music or used in any of Sandy’s published songs. Additionally one track ‘Songbird’ has been written by Carla which will be released as a digital single on 7 July.

2009, Phil Lloyd Smee artwork director for the ‘Complete Sandy Denny’ boxset was going through the notebooks looking for samples of Sandy’s handwriting to use as background. Fast forward through the covid pandemic Sandy’s daughter Georgia was looking for a way to do something with her mother’s legacy. By chance she ‘met’ German singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist Carla Fuchs who had already been writing her own songs inspired by Sandy Denny including the track ‘Songbird’ which she has dedicated both to Sandy’s memory and to Georgia herself. Georgia was impressed with Carla’s songwriting skill and suggested she be the one to bring the lost lyrics to life composing the music for them.

Importantly Carla has not attempted to make another ‘Sandy tribute’ album nor is she trying to sound like Sandy. She has concentrated on evoking a Sandy inspired soundscape with a sensitivity that pays homage to Sandy’s musical nuances. She has crafted nine new songs that can sit proudly alongside Denny’s legacy of timeless songs. The resulting album is the culmination of Carla’s musical skills and Georgia’s artistic skills, an album that honours Sandy Denny and builds upon the musical legacy that continues to inspire a new generation. The ‘Songbird’ is now ready to fly.

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