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Tall Tales And Home Truths

Magical stories from the North Yorkshire moors : Becky Mills time-travels through folklore, family, love & loss in “Tall Tales and Home Truths”, the successor to her 2013 mainstream debut album “Dandelion”.

Becky mines deep into her family’s past to bring real-life stories to the listener’s attention. Myths, bonds, travails and community tales, are all rooted in a warm-hearted sense of place, where the wild moors suddenly meet the sea and the promise of a potentially different life beyond.

Described as a “storyteller of immense talent and imagination” (FATEA), Becky Mills is discreetly supported throughout by a stellar array of British folk talent including Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Ruth Angell and Blair Dunlop.

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1. My Brothers A Farmer
2. The Lady Of Ballantiyne
3. Crocuses
4. The Gunsmith’s Daughters
5. No Tears For My Fisherman (Live)
6. Last Look At Home (Live)
7. City In My Lungs
8. William
9. Wheeldale Crossing
10. Row Like Grace