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The Best Of 2004-2010

A rare treat..The Rainbow Chasers are that rare blend of youth and experience that creates wonderful music and vivid memories for those privileged to hear them.

The Rainbow Chasers is a group formed by Ashley Hutchings. “The Guv’nor”, as he is affectionately called, has gathered round him three highly talented musicians, Joe Topping (guitar and vocals), Jo Hamilton (Viola, guitar and vocals) and Ruth Angell (Fiddle, guitar and vocals). They play traditional and original compositions largely on acoustic instruments and have already gathered a reputation for their quality of their musicianship, arrangements and live performances.

This ‘Best of’ album highlights some of their best loved material along with 6 previously unreleased live recordings.

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1. Fortune Never Sleeps
2. When I Jumped Ship
3. Given Time (Dedicated to the memory of Nick Drake)
4. Knitting Song
5. Ghosts in the Rain
6. Those Broad Shoulders
7. Billy
8. The River’s Tale
9. Surrounded by Strangers
10. A Far-off Bay
11. Stanley’s Wake
12. About Dawn
13. Above the Angels
14. The Brook
15. New Blue Stockings (live version)
16. Think of Me (live version)
17. Listening for Worms (Waltz and Jig), Humours of Lissadell
18. On the High Peak Trail