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The Best Of Keef Hartley (2CD)

2CD Set featuring the Best Of Keef Hartley.

English drummer and bandleader. He fronted his own eponymous band, known as the Keef Hartley Band or the Keef Hartley Big Band, and played at Woodstock

This collection of Keef’s work is probably the most comprehensive of its time, feating all of his best known works.n Originally seen as a double LP German only release we have secured 11 bonus tracks to make it a fantastic double CD of Keef’s best known works.

Keith Hartley’s career began as the replacement for Ringo Starr as a drummer for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, a Liverpool-based band. Subsequently he played and recorded with The Artwoods, then achieved some notability as John Mayall’s drummer (including his role as the only musician, other than Mayall, to play on Mayall’s 1967 “solo” record The Blues Alone[4]). He then formed The Keef Hartley (Big) Band, mixing elements of jazz, blues, and rock and roll; the group played at Woodstock in 1969.

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1. Sinnin’ For You
2. Just To Cry
3. Not Foolish, Not Wise
4. Believe In You
5. The Time, Is Near
6. You Can’t Take It With You
7. Me And My Woman
8. You Can Choose
9. We Are All The Same
10. Don’t Sign It
11. Heartbreakin’ Woman
12. Circles
13. Australian Lady


1. Roundabout
2. Sacked Introducing Heart And Flowers, Confusion Theme, The Halfbreed
3. Think It Over Too Much To Take
4. Overdog
5. Leave It Till The Mornin’
6. Born To Die
7. Too Much Thinking
8. Don’t Give Up
9. Hickory
10. Tadpole
11. Roundabout Pt 2
12. Action
13. Jennie’s Father