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The Cat is Out

A Gifted Singer And Songwriter Whose Fans Include Elton John, Brian May Of Queen, And Celebrated Violinist Nigel Kennedy, Judie Tzuke Won An Enthusiastic Audience In The ‘70s And ‘80s For Her Passionate And Persona Fusion Of Pop And Rock.

The Cat Is Out Is The Sixth Studio Album By Judie Tzukeand Was Released In 1985. Talking Elephant Are Proud To Be Releasing This Classic Album And With It As Bonus Material Three Single Edits.

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1. How Sweet It Is
2. Who Do You Really Love
3. Love Like Fire
4. I’ll Be The One
5. Girl Without A Name
6. This Side Of Heaven
7. Harbiour Lights
8. You
9. Falling
10. Racing Against Time
11. You (12” Edit)
12. Love Like Fire (Single Edit)
13. I’ll Be The One (Single Edit)