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The Countryside Collection

Various Artists at mid-price compiled by Ashley Hutchings.Perfect for renewed interest in all things rural England inspired by BBC Lark Rise to Candleford series.

Ashley Hutchings has compiled a very traditional countryside compilations drawn from such diverse threads as Morris music,Cecil Sharpe,The Rainbow Chasers,The Albion Christmas Band and many more. Being high profile at the moment due to The Lark Rise Band and the BBC series Lark Rise to Candleford,this is the perfect time for a traditional/cultural countryside album to appeal to the rural idyll that is portayed in the programme.

Having so many styles of the folk genre contained within the album it will appeal to the Fairport Convention/Morris/traditional folk/middle England audiences at a time when popularity for this type of music is at a peak.

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1. The Oak
2. Blue Eyed Stranger
3. God Bless the Master
4. Gloucester Hornpipe/Mr. Trills’ Song
5. Banbury Bill
6. Brambles On a Hill
7. My Father Played the Melodeon
8. Turn the Lathe
9. The Old Cotswold Legbar
10. Stanley’s Wake
11. The Field and the Farm
12. The King
13. May Song
14. Gloucester Wassail
15. Rosebud in June
16. 8th of July/Glory of the West