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The Fields Of Eden

Finally after so many years it is really going to happen. Magna Carta have recorded the long awaited album, “The Fields of Eden”. And what better time to release it than on the actual date of the signing of the Magna Carta 800 years later. June 15th.

Fields of Eden has already been classed as a masterpiece and by many has surpassed the band’s legendary Lord of the Ages which went Gold after its release back in 1973. A mixture of vibrant new songs highlighted by the epic 16 minute title track The Fields of Eden.

This simply has to be Chris Simpsons best release ever!

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1. Anemos
2. Child Of The Light
3. Long Time Running
4. Walk Away From Heaven
5. The Fields Of Eden
6. The Same Rain
7. Greenhow Hill
8. This Time Around
9. European Union Blues
10. Nidderdale/Backroads
11. The Wild Geese (The Spirit Of The Wide Northland)
12. Life In The Old Dog