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The Hangman’s Fee

Kentish Folk Rockers firing on all cylinders as they release their new studio album The Hangman’s Fee. A great follow up to their 2014 Wayfarer’s All album.

The sextet of multi-disciplined musicians from Faversham, Kent, take their inspiration from the depths of English folklore and legend and the classic folk rock sound of the 1970s. Like their predecessors Fairport Convention and The Albion Band, Green Diesel’s sound is born from a love of traditional English music and a desire to reinvent it for modern audiences.

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1. The Elephant Tree
2. Jump At The Sun
3. Butcher Bird
4. I Loved My Love
5. The White Hare
6. Jenny With The Lantern
7. Domovoi
8. Through Lonesome Woods
9. The Roger Cotton
10. On Mayfly Wings