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The Last Wolf

“The Last Wolf” contains material from all stages of Bob’s life and career, starting with ‘Fiddler’s Cross’, written in the early ’70’s when Bob was living in Leeds. The album was originally released on Rhiannon Records in the early nineties and Talking Elephant are pleased to have this little gem remastered and to include 4 special live performances as bonus material.

Bob Pegg studied traditional music at Leeds University and in the early seventies founded the cult folk/rock band Mr. Fox. The band made two albums for Transatlantic Records, and soon developed a substantial following in the burgeoning folk/rock scene of the time. With Bob’s then wife Carol on fiddle and vocals.

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1. A Dram For The Singer
2. Lament Of The Farmer’s Young Wife
3. The Man From Luddenden
4. Instructions To A Young Lark Man
5. The Stone Head
6. The Last Dance
7. The Priest, The Dancer And The Drummer
8. Adam And Evie
9. The Wildwood Song
10. The Mermaid
11. The Last Wolf
12. Fiddler’s Cross
13. A Dram For The Singer Live In Dingwall
14. The Last Wolf Live In Dingwall
15. The Wildwood Live In Dingwall
16. The Priest, The Dancer And The Drummer Live In Dingwall