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The Old Straight Track

Jack the Lad, a British folk rock group from North East England formed in 1973 by three former members of the most successful folk rock bands, Lindisfarne. They moved from the progressive folk rock of Lindisfarne into much more traditional territory and were in the mid-1970s something of a northern counterpart to bands like Fairport Convention. They have also been seen as part of an important roots movement, rediscovering traditional Northumbrian music.

They headlined the Cambridge folk festival in 1974. The Old Straight Track (1974) their second studio album, six of the eleven tracks were traditional songs.

The album was very well received and was voted Folk Album of the Year by Melody Maker.

The band made four studio albums and The Old Straight Track is their 2nd studio album. This 2018 release has been remastered to bring it up to date.

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1. Oakey Strike Evictions
2. Jolly Beggar
3. Third Millenium
4. Fingal The Giant
5. Weary Whaling Grounds
6. The Marquis Of Tullybardine / King’s Favourite
7. Peggy (Overseas With A Soldier)
8. Buy Broom Buzzoms
9. De Havilland’s Mistake
10. Old Straight Track
11. The Wurm