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The Traditional Morris Album

The tunes on this album were mainly written-down from the recollections of old dancers and musicians in the first quarter of the twentieth century, by people such as Cecil Sharp, and George Butterworth.

The Musicians Chris Bartram (fiddle) and Keith Holloway (melodeons) are both widely experienced musicians who grew-up playing for the traditional morris sides at Abingdon, Berkshire.

This is one of the few places where morris dancing has survived from before the end of nineteenth century. They learnt directly from the preceding generation of musicians, who were born in the last years of the nineteenth century.

For the North-West tunes on this album they are joined by Dave Townsend, English concertina; Charles Spicer, fife; Phil Humphries, trombone (who all play with The Mellstock Band), and Charlie Marsden, side-drum.

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1. The Quaker
2. Little Polly Polka
3. The Queen’s Delight
4. The Blue-Eyed Stranger; The Forester
5. Lumps of Plum Pudding
6. Trunkles; Rigs of Marlow
7. Jockie to the Fair
8. Bean Setting
9. Green and Gold
10. Princes Royal
11. Beatrice Hill’s Three-Handed Reel
12. The Black Joke
13. The Ladies Pleasure
14. The Ninety-Five; A Hundred Pipers
15. The Crossed Pipe Dance (Greensleeves)
16. Dilwyn
17. Constant Billy
18. Shepherd’s Hey; Squire’s Dance
19. Swaggering Boney
20. Princess Royal
21. The Lass of Dallogill; Lillibulero