Talking Elephant

Tim Rose

Tim Rose was an American singer-songwriter, who spent much of his life in London, England and had more success in Europe than in his native country. Known for his gruff voice, Rose was often compared to Ray Charles, Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker.

The album was released in 1967. In 1966, he was getting a lot of airplay with his single of “Hey Joe” which is featured on this album before Jimi Hendrix released his version. Also featured is “Morning Dew” which was to go on to become a global rock standard.

Also featured is the bonus track King Lonely The Blue, the B-Side of his single Hey Joe.

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1. Got A Loneliness
2. I’m Gonna Be Strong
3. I Gotta Do Things My Way
4. Fare Thee Well
5. Eat, Drink And Be Merry (for Tomorrow You’ll Cry)
6. Hey Joe (you Shot Your Woman Down)
7. Morning Dew
8. Where Was I
9. You’re Slipping Away From Me
10. Long Time Man
11. Come Away Melinda
12. King Lonely The Blue