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Shawn Phillips is one of most fascinating and enigmatic musicians to come out of the early-’70s singer/songwriter boom.

Shawn Phillips has recorded twenty albums and worked with musicians including Donovan, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bernie Taupin and many others

In the 1960s Phillips played on several Donovan albums including Fairytale, Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow, performed at the Isle of Wight festival, sang on the Beatles’ “Lovely Rita”, and was cast to play the lead in the original production of Jesus Christ Superstar (he had to withdraw due to his heavy recording and touring schedule). Trancendence was Shawn’s, 1st album on the RCA label after leaving A&M.

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1. Take It Easy
2. I’m An American Child (on A Nuclear Pile)
3. Implications
4. Lady In Violet
5. Good Evening Madam
6. Lament Pour L’Enfant Mort
7. Julia’s Letters
8. Motes Of Dust
9. Ease Your Mind