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Vintage II: On The Road 1972-1980

Here we have a fantastic collection of rarities from the Albion Band ranging from 1972 to 1980. This release compliments the previous Vintage – 'On The Road' CD released back in 2008.

With the current interest in the main man behind the band Mr Ashley Hutchings with his ongoing work with the Lark Rise To Candleford Stage show and the South Bank's tongue in cheek response to Sir Sebastion Coe's comments of Morris Dancers at the opening of the Olympics this is sure to be of interest to all past and present Albion/Hutchings fans.

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1. New St. George, La Rotta
2. I’ll Go And `list For A Sailor
3. Hanged I Shall Be
4. High Level Hornpipe, The Gas Almost Works
5. Horses Brawl
6. Old Sir Simon The King
7. Holm’s Fancy, Cuckolds All Awry
8. Poor Old Horse
9. Y’acre Of Land
10. Postman’s Knock, Black Joke
11. Merry Sherwood Rangers
12. Time To Ring Some Changes
13. Rainbow Over The Hill
14. Ragged Horse, Father Williams
15. A Sailor’s Life, One More Day